LINE Achieves 400M Users

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Kuala Lumpur (8 April 2014) – LINE, the world’s leading mobile platform, today announced on April 1st the total amount of registered LINE users across all platforms has surpasses an impressive 400 million.

Since the launch of the LINE service on 23rd June 2011, it has grown into a global communications app that lets users communicate through voice and video calls as well as stickers and text messages.


The total number of registered users exceeded 300 million on 11 November 2013, with growing user numbers in countries such as North America and Europe adding to the already large user bases in Spain, Southeast Asia, and other countries. The amount of daily new users reached a record-breaking around 1.7 million per day, indicating rapid growth worldwide. This trend has continued and just 4 months after the last milestone of 300 million users, the amount of LINE users worldwide surpassed 400 million on 1st April. Since the start of the New Year, the amount of countries with over 10 million registered users rose to a total of 10, including America, Korea, Malaysia and Mexico.

Along with the rising number of users, the amount of communication made through LINE has also skyrocketed. Since the start of 2014, records have been set for the daily usage of chat messages (10 billion/day), sticker messages (1.8 billion/day), and phone calls (over 12 million/day).

LINE is also continuously adding new features to its service, such as LINE Call, announced this February as a feature that allows users to call landlines and cellular phones for low prices, and the LINE Creators Market, where users can create and sell their own original stickers. LINE hopes to increase the benefit it offers to its users, and plans to use its existing status as a smartphone communications infrastructure to grow into a smartphone platform.

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