Nokia's April Fool Apps

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just for laughs Just For Laughs Gags Channels This series’ format is a hidden camera comedy show, playing silly pranks on unsuspecting subjects while hidden cameras capture peoples’ responses. You can enjoy this April’s Fool’s day by watching people’s funny and candid reactions to the silly pranks right on your mobile.
 fat you! Fat You! is an apt app for this April Fool’s day. This fun app allows you to fatten faces within just a few and easy steps. Acquire faces from your phone camera, pictures gallery or even grab your friend’s face from Facebook. You can also save, email or share your friend’s fattened faces, yes on Facebook and even tag a friend directly from the app (first check if your friend is in mood for joking!) The app also features a full screen view with a nice face transform animation.
 fool mail Fool Mail is your tool to fool people by sending mails to them. Using this app you can easily send emails to anyone from any email ID of your choice. If you love pranks, you surely don’t want to miss this app. This app asks for no log in details and hence saves your precious time. You can also select from pre-listed emails or type your own mail and send it to any email ID from any email ID.
 prankster Prankster Looking for a laugh? Love to watch others get pranked? Well this is the App for you! With Prankster, you can sit back, relax, and watch some of your favorite pranks straight from your phone!
 april fool cards April Fools Cards Are you looking for the right greeting card – something that’s equal parts personal and beautiful? April Fools Cards is here: Greet your friends and family with a custom designed digital card with a picture of your choice.
 prankster soundfx Pranksters SoundFX is the Pranksters best friend. Want to surprise your dad while he is watching Television? Place the phone behind the sofa and start the timer to play over 30 different sound effects.
 jokes4all Jokes 4 All JOKES 4 ALL is an app that will always give you more and more jokes to tell and to laugh. Download this app to be the life of the party of your next hangout session with your friends or family.
 jokebox Jokebox is simple yet incredibly entertaining. Tell, discover and rate jokes from users all over the globe. Jokebox tells you if people like your jokes. If you would like to rate your skills this is the app for you.
 afakecall A Fake Call Want to escape boring meetings? Awkward situations? Or play a prank on your friends? Here is an app for you! Set a fake call to ring on your phone and be ‘saved by the bell’!


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