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KUALA LUMPUR (25 March 2014) – We are all inspired by those great ideas where we can mix business and pleasure, or pleasure and more pleasure, only to find out that when push comes to shove, our beyond-brilliant idea wasn’t so brilliant at all.

Think about that time you went to a café with your laptop, hoping to have a nice cup of coffee and catch up on some work, only to find out that the only seat available is a window seat at a tiny bench that your laptop won’t fit on. There goes that idea of having a productive day out of the office.

We should count our lucky stars that the Flex by Lenovo helps us save space and sanity in sticky situations, especially like these:

lenovo-laptop-flex-15-silver-edge-cover-2I. Cooking in a Crowded Kitchen
A busy kitchen with cluttered counter tops will have no room for physical cookbooks to offer its wealth of knowledge. The modern mums have started ditching the physical cookbooks for online recipes – and one of the best companions they can have in a busy and cramped kitchen for them to view these recipes is the Lenovo Flex. The Flex when in Stand mode offers easy viewing angles and more importantly is a lot more space-saving as compared to a laptop. In stand mode, it also reduces the risk of spills on top of its keyboard especially in messy kitchen environments. lenovo_flex14_1160-100052728-orig

II. Cramped Dorm Rooms While Traveling
Travel is becoming a lot more affordable and increasingly a necessity for the millennials. They do not mind staying in hostels, compromising on space for affordability. The ever-connected individuals will find it a challenge to plug their laptops to watch videos, game or browse maps comfortably on the small dorm beds. The Flex can offer rescue in such situations; in its Stand mode, Flex offers flexibility and ease of use for web browsing or map viewing. It also doubles up as a full functioning laptop increasing productivity whenever needed on a trip.



III. Tiny University/ College Tables
In the technology charged world that we live in now, all college or university students uses a laptop in school. The one thing that has not changed is the lecture chairs with a tiny side-table. It is really hard to type on a laptop proper in such a situation as one probably has to tilt their body or have their hands in awkward positions to be able to type comfortably. How wonderful would it be to have a Flex in this scenario? Students can switch between the dual mode of the Flex (Laptop and Stand) to suit the space they are working in and be more focused on the lecture instead of battling with space frustrations. The nine-hour battery life makes it an ideal device for lengthy lectures as well.

IV. Peak Hour Train Rides
Trains are one of the main modes of transport for many people in busy cities, especially here in Malaysia. The population in Kuala Lumpur alone often makes full use of their commute times – does pulling out a laptop to work on an article you’ve been trying to complete before shutting down your laptop in the office, or relaxing on the journey home watching an episode of the latest TV series sound unusual to you? As public transport become overly crowded, fellow commuters start to invade our personal space. lenovo-laptop-flex-15-keyboard-zoom-9

Flex comes to the rescue with its ability to flip 180°, light-weight and flat profile. It is light enough for us to hold it in its 180° tilt angle – which works out perfect in a ‘sandwiched’ situation onboard the packed trains. It too limits risks of you or others accidentally spilling things on your keyboard. Even if you get tired of working and want to watch videos, the flex provides you with a nice large screen to enjoy the show – you don’t have to squint your eyes like those people who are trying to watch shows on their mobile phones.



V. Busy Café with Cramped Tables
Riding on café culture trends, more and more cafes are sprouting up in our neighbourhoods. We all love those little cafes with aromatic coffees and dainty pastries that go down so well with a good cuppa. Due to the rising costs of running businesses, these cafes tend to have tiny tables and bar counters to cater to more customers. What will happen to those who hope to spend time in a cosy café, surfing the web, do some work or simply some travel research while enjoying their cuppa?

The Flex will make the most ideal ‘partner-in-crime’! Not only is it less than 1-inch thick, lightweight, portable, dual mode, boasts a long battery life and when in Stand mode take up less table space, it is also one cool device to be showing off in uber chic cafés. It is attractively sleek, touchscreen and able to flip 300° – many will beg to touch!


Pricing and Availability

  • AIO Flex 20 is now available starting from RM2,999.00.
  • Flex 14 and Flex 15 is now available starting from RM1,799.00 and RM2,699.00 respectively.


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