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Transcend Launches JetFlash 380 and 510

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(December 17, 2013)
Transcend Information, Inc. (Transcendhttp://www.transcend.com.tw/pr/press/images/small_r2.gif), a worldwide leader in storage and multimedia products, is proud to announce its launch of the JetFlash 380 and JetFlash 510 USB Flash Drives. The JetFlash 380 USB OTG (USB On-The-Go) Flash Drive is designed to transform the way Android users carry, transfer and exchange personal digital content. Virtually unnoticeable when plugged into a USB port, the stylish JetFlash 510 flash drive offers a space-friendly way for users to benefit from portable storage without adding bulk to their mobile device and even enjoy a personal playlist while driving.

Transcend JetFlash 380 and JetFlash 510 for On-The-Go Storage
Transcend JetFlash 380 and JetFlash 510 for On-The-Go Storage


JetFlash 380 USB 2.0 OTG Flash Drive – Think of it like a mini HDD for Android devices
Besides a standard USB interface found on regular flash drives, the dual access JetFlash 380 also features a micro USB connection for Android devices that support USB On-The-Go. This allows users to move or copy files to and from their device’s memory card via a steady USB connection that is faster and more reliable than Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and mobile internet 3G/4G. Combining two interfaces into one compact high-capacity flash drive, the JetFlash 380 focuses on the portable storage needs of mobile device users and eliminates dependence on computers, cables and adapters.

Transcend Elite App – Download from Google Play for free
Developed exclusively for use on the latest smartphones and tablets running the Android operating system (version 4.0 and higher), the Transcend Elite App helps users manage data and increase productivity. With the Transcend Elite App, users can easily explore files on the JetFlash 380 and quickly backup photos, videos, documents, and other important content stored on their Android device.

JetFlash 510 USB 2.0 Flash Drive – Peeks out just 9mm from a USB port
Transcend’s Luxury Series JetFlash 510 USB Flash Drive takes full advantage of its tiny metallic design, fitting unobtrusively into a USB port. Simply plug the drive into an Ultrabook or notebook and it will act as extra space to backup, store and carry personal documents, photos, movies and music. Additionally, thanks to its ultra-small form factor, the drive will not protrude from the dashboard or block access to the controls when used in a compatible car stereo.

COB (Chip On Board) Manufacturing – Compact and rugged design
Using a special COB (Chip On Board) manufacturing technique, the JetFlash 380 and JetFlash 510 are produced at a much smaller size and lighter weight than ordinary flash drives. Despite their petite appearance, the use of innovative COB engineering makes the JetFlash 380 and JetFlash 510 completely resistant to dust and water.

Offered in a choice of eye-catching silver or gold metallic designs, the JetFlash 380 is available in 8GB, 16GB and 32GB capacities for a suggested retail price from US$13 to US$39. The JetFlash 510, also available in silver or gold, comes with 8GB, 16GB and 32GB capacities for a suggested retail price from US$11 to US$34. Both are backed by Transcend’s renowned Limited Lifetime Warranty.

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