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Review:HP Deskjet IA 4515 e-All-in-One


The latest instalment to HP’s line of Deskjet printers is the HP Deskjet 4515. This e-All-in-One printer does everything you would expect an all rounder to do – print, scan, copy, photo and web. Its suitable for home and offices which requires a multifunctional device for printing and scanning of various documents and photos. The Deskjet 4515 does black and colour printing with HP’s Thermal Inkjet.

The printer is easy to set up with only two cables to make do with. Plug all the wires in place, insert the installation CD and you’re all set. Besides doing the usual scan, print and fax, this device also comes with WiFi as well as double sided printing. Wireless direct settings can be controlled via the 2.65inch multi-functional colour touch screen panel alongside 6 touch buttons to navigate through the menu. Buttons not in use or irrelevant during a process are dimmed off automatically, conveniently wiping out the need for physical button clutter and confusion.


The paper tray clamps and aligns the papers neatly into place with a maximum 100 sheets of input and 30 sheets of output on print. Paper sizes supported for this printer goes as large as A4 and as small as A6. The scanner has a maximum scan size of 216mm x 297mm and connects via the printer control app which then you can send your scans through email.

For photos, the printer comes with a simple photo processing software for simple photo editing. A memory slot is available to read photos from your memory card. Photos are then displayed on screen for selection and print on a variety of print sizes including passport size photos. Though the photos displayed on the panel are not very bright and vividly clear, its enough to make out what’s in the picture.

HP thrown in HP Printables whereby users are offered a quick and easy way to access and print information from the web such as coupons, coloring pages, greeting cards, and etc, however you would need to be connected to the web to do so. printer4

This printer weighs 5.56kg with a maximum dimension of 445 x 608 x 390mm in size. It comes with a 2.65-inch multi-functional colour touch screen panel with most of the settings function found on it. Choose from Photo, Printables, Copy, Scan and Quick Forms from the menu screen. Demos are pre-installed on the printer providing users with the necessary instructions to set up the printer, paper tray, ink tank and etc. Though the functions are quite straight forward for use, the touch screen panel is not sensitive enough, which means you might have press harder for a response. It does not support finger gestures but relies on the arrow button controls.

The entire setup of the printer took us less than 10 minutes with an internet connection via our lab network. Ink cartridge comes in a 3-in-1 color tank and one black ink tank which means some colour ink would be wasted on an account for colours to print properly. On test print, full text documents are printed at 5.4s on average. Photo print quality is good and vivid enough with slight flaws such as a missing line from the photo. We wouldn’t recommend important photo print jobs, it would do you better for spreadsheet and document prints though. The HP Deskjet 4515 comes with a recommended retail price of RM469 and a reasonable price for ink cartridge refills.

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