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Budget 2014: Cisco Malaysia Commentary


25th October 2013

Cisco - Irving Tan
Irving Tan, Vice President, Cisco ASEAN.

The budget announcement today was a key step in transforming Malaysia into a developed economy and necessary to spur the country’s growth. I was particularly pleased to see Prime Minister Najib Razak highlight the second phase of high-speed broadband project.

Malaysia’s High Speed Broadband infrastructure and the focus on increasing accessibility in Sabah, Sarawak and rural areas will be the critical step in taking traditional businesses into future as they increase their service offerings and addressable markets; online and offline.

Connected the unconnected and the provision of a high speed broadband is the foundation for increasing productivity, efficiency and competitive advantage for business, and even government agencies as they engage with citizens.

In addition, the announcement of the RM120 million allocation for an integrated package to increase innovation and productivity of SMEs is a complements the National Broadband Initiative as it spurs entrepreneurship. Organizations and businesses can capitalize on technology solutions, like cloud and telepresence to make more effective decisions and go-to-market faster. Productivity. Efficiency. Profitability. Success.

The allocation of funds for tertiary education excellence and the strengthening of skills training for graduates will allow Malaysia to develop the talent pool that will embrace the new world of connectivity and drive human capital development, economic empowerment and community enablement across industries and communities.

Connecting people, processes and things – that is what the future is about. We are excited to see the implementation of the Mobile Community Transformation Centre (Mobile CTC) and the enhancement of public transportation services for a seamless network between urban and rural areas. Imagine this becoming a connected transportation initiative where Wi-Fi and cloud can provide an incredible amount of data which the transportation authority can use to manage traffic and schedules, and offer new services using Malaysia-developed applications (thanks to the entrepreneurs who took advantage of the integrated package for SME’s)

Tomorrow starts here for Malaysia.


Irving Tan,
Vice President for ASEAN,


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