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Fuji Xerox Intros New Multi-Function Devices for SMBs


Kuala Lumpur (19th September 2013) – Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd. today announced the launch of its first award-winning fleet A3 multifunction devices DocuCentre S2010, S1810 and S2420 to be sold through its channel partners. The three monochrome multifunction devices are targeted for small and medium sized businesses.

These machines are the optimum multifunction solution for a wide variety of workspaces: from busy home offices, right up to medium-sized businesses. The DocuCentre S2010/ S1810 and DocuCentre S2420 offer simple yet feature-packed user interfaces along with intuitive design and versatile copy, print and scan capabilities.

Ken Lee, General Manager of Fuji Xerox Printer Channel (Malaysia), said, “The DocuCentre S2010 and S1810 are easy-to-use multifunction solutions that are perfect for small businesses seeking to upgrade their daily productivity without having to bear significant upgrade costs. They are very high quality, entry-level A3 monochrome multifunction devices, and the stylish design will make them a welcome addition to any office.

“The DocuCentre S2420 will meet the high-volume demands of any small to medium-sized business, managing continuous usage and large print jobs with ease, without costing a fortune. The devices allow businesses to quickly and efficiently print quality and professional documents in house.”

The new DocuCentre S2420.
The new DocuCentre S2420.

Easy to use: easy to get great results

All of the new multifunction devices have a user-friendly display, putting all these great features at the user’s fingertips.  This simple operation will save time training staff and the intuitive operation flow allows users to obtain desired results without stress.

Each multifunction device’s interface includes one touch keys for easy access to the most common operations – including an exclusive key for ID card copying and paper settings. In addition, users of the DocuCentre S2010/S1810 can quickly determine the status of their print job via the start key’s blinking light.

The DocuCentre S2010/S1810 and DocuCentre S2420 have been designed with a wider output space and dark blue output tray, offering users better visibility so they can quickly and easily locate their print job. The electronic sort function assists users printing a large number of copies by making paper collation more efficient.

Small office and home office users won’t have to spend time constantly refilling the DocuCentre S2010/S1810’s paper trays thanks to the maximum paper capacity of 850 sheets. Meanwhile, medium sized businesses can expand the DocuCentre S2420 up to 1,850 sheets and keep up with the demand of even the busiest workgroups.

Offering best in class reliability

Businesses want to focus on maximising productivity and business revenue, not spending time troubleshooting their device or calling in a technician to do so. That won’t be an issue with the DocuCentre S2010/S1810 and DocuCentre S2420; they are extremely durable, high quality and very reliable.

This unrivalled reliability is due to Fuji Xerox’s extensive testing and deliberate design. The devices can easily handle different paper types and moisture content and testing has ensured the print performance is stable even when the paper type varies.

The DocuCentre S2010/S1810 and DocuCentre S2420 will consistently deliver quality printing regardless of volume. With a first page out time of 19 seconds or less (DocuCentre S2420) and print speeds of up to 24 pages per minute for A4 and up to 12 pages per minute for A3 (DocuCentre S2420), users won’t be left waiting around.

Cost effective MFD with big business features

The DocuCentre S2010/S1810 and DocuCentre S2420 offer businesses a price-competitive multifunction solution packed with a host of features designed to make printing, copying and scanning easier. They include basic time saving features, such as auto paper selection and auto image rotation, through to more advanced scanning and user control features.

These multifunction devices save businesses both money and time because larger format print jobs will no longer need to be outsourced and can instead be handled in house.

The Multiple-Up feature allows users to save resources by copying two or four originals onto one sheet of paper with the “2 in 1” or “4 in 1” function. In addition, the duplex printing function – which also supports paper feeding from the Bypass Tray – reduces paper consumption and time spent refilling paper supplies.

With the DocuCentre S2010/S1810, users can scan monochrome documents up to A3 in size at a resolution of 600 dpi and have them delivered directly to their PC. The Automatic Document Feeder also performs high-speed scans of multi-page documents at a rate of 18 sheets per minute. The DocuCentre S2420 achieves the same speeds but also introduces colour scanning capabilities.

Built in Network ready allows users to not only connect the multifunction devices to individual PCs in an office via USB connection, but also via LAN connection.

The DocuCentre S2420 allow businesses to send faxes from their PC, saving time and paper. They also support network scanning, which allows users to scan documents and send them directly to an email address. Businesses with a Fuji Xerox Full Service Maintenance Agreement can easily track multifunction usage on these devices via the total, copy, fax and large size counters.

Businesses can control access to the DocuCentre S2010/S1810 via the Auditron feature. This feature denies access to unauthorised users and also tracks the total number of copies produced from each account.  If desired, System Administrators can set a printing limit per user to assist in managing costs and print volume.

Efficient, high quality printing with low total cost of ownership

All of the new devices aim to reduce running costs while maintaining the features that deliver the high quality and efficiency businesses need.

The DocuCentre S2010/S1810 and DocuCentre S2420 collect unused toner and recycle it, saving on waste and time spent emptying the waste toner bottle. In addition, toner consumption can be easily reduced by selecting Toner Saver Mode, and all devices are compliant with the International Energy Star Program standard.

With cost savings as well as the environment in mind, the DocuCentre S2010 and S1810 use EA-Eco toner. This toner fuses to the page at temperatures up to 20 degrees Celsius lower than competitive models. This provides great energy-saving performance and up to 20 per cent reduction in power consumption during production. Not only does the toner save businesses money through energy efficiency, it delivers fine, uniform and smoothly-shaped particles that produce detailed and beautiful, high-quality prints.

These machines are also equipped with features designed to reduce the cost of consumables and replacement parts. This includes the DocuCentre S2010/S1810’s long life drum cartridge, which requires replacing less often thereby reducing costs and increasing productivity and user satisfaction.

FujiXerox - Ken Lee, Simon King
(Left) Simon King, Product Segment Manager, Value Products, Asia Pacific and Ken Lee, General Manager of Printer Channels, Fuji Xerox Malaysia.


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