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(Malaysia, July 2013) – Drape your swanky new Samsung Galaxy S®4 with cases from Sena®. All smartphone cases in Sena® collection are handmade with the finest quality, full grain Napa leather material that is soft to the touch. The remarkable quality is a great choice for individuals with discerning tastes. While offering top-rate protection for the Samsung Galaxy S®4, the cases stand out with a sprinkle of flair, resulting in a slender and fashionable look. There are different options available for consumers, available in a rich variety of colours. All models come with a limited one year warranty.

The Sena® collection also has options for iPhone® 5 and Samsung Galaxy Note II users who would love to show off a dash of refined taste by reflecting it in their choice of phone case. Although it may seem minor, the right accessories can help to accentuate personal style and the Sena® cases are perfect for this purpose.


Sena® Magia Wallet

Sena Magia Wallet

The Magia Wallet for the GALAXY S4 is available in three colours.

Users looking for something a bit different can consider the Sena® Magia Wallet. The case is made from seamless stitched leather that leaves a very clean and luxurious look. This model holds the Samsung Galaxy S®4 firmly with the innovative Magia tape. This reusable adhesive locks in the smartphone, preventing slippage. A few wipes with a damp towel is all that is needed to revitalise the stickiness of the adhesive, leaving it as good as new. As an added security measure, a built-in magnetic strap closure secures the phone, adding a minimalist feel. The case also allow for small items to be stored along with the three card slots available.

The Sena® Magia Wallet is available for the Samsung Galaxy S®4 in Black (TFD067AP-50), Red (TFD06703AP-50) and Brown (TFD06706AP-50) and retails at RM198.
The Sena® Magia Wallet is also available for iPhone® 5 in Black (TFD010AP-50), Red (TFD01001AP-50) and Brown (TFD01002AP-50) and retails at RM179.
The Sena® Magia Wallet is also available for the Samsung Galaxy Note II in Black (TFD027AP-50), Brown (TFD02701AP-50), Red (TFD02702AP-50) and retails at RM218.


Sena® UltraSlim Case

Made from genuine leather, the Sena® UltraSlim Case has the thinnest pouch out of the whole range is the perfect smartphone companion for those who prefer cases that are compact and sleek. The micro velvet lining gives it a clean and elegant finish. The casing keeps dust away from the charging port but still allows access to the speaker openings. However, it is no slouch when it comes to protection. A Slim curve figure-hugging design and is able to shield the smartphone from damage. The iPhone® 5 variant has been thoughtfully customised with a Classic design to better accentuate the device.

Sena® UltraSlim Case is available for the Samsung Galaxy S®4 in Black (TFD069AP-50), Red (TFD06903AP-50), Brown (TFD06906AP-50), White (TFD06912AP-50) and retails at RM108.
The Sena® UltraSlim Classic Case is also available for the iPhone® 5 in Black (TFD009AP-50), Red (TFD00902AP-50), Brown (TFD00903AP-50), White (TFD00904AP-50) and retails at RM88.


Sena® Lusio Case

The Sena® Lusio Case’s cultured look can be attributed to its hand-crafted genuine leather. The double stitching at the side of the case gives it a dash of panache, making a fashion statement that sets it apart from the ordinary phone case. It has the same velvet lining as the other cases that not only protects but also adds a pretty finish to the case. The Samsung Galaxy S®4 model has 3 thin, back pockets, while the iPhone® 5 models have 2 of these pockets that allow for easy storage and access to credit cards. A tailored push strap also conveniently allows the user to remove the smartphone from the tight, protective cocoon of the casing should the need arise.

The Sena® Lusio Case is available for the Samsung Galaxy S®4 in Black/Grey (TFD066AP-50), Red/White (TFD06603AP-50) and Brown/Beige (TFD06606AP-50) and retails at RM123.
The Sena® Lusio Case is also available for the iPhone® 5 in Black/Grey (TFD01903AP-50), Red/White (TFD01901AP-50), Brown/Beige (TFD01902AP-50) and retails at RM108.


In addition, the following cases are available exclusively for the iPhone® 5

Sena® Ultra Thin Snap-On Case

The Ultra Thin snaps onto the back of the iPhone 5

The Ultra Thin snaps onto the back of the iPhone 5

The Sena® Ultra Thin Snap-On Case fits the needs of those looking for a simple, fuss free and stylish phone case that still protects. The high-quality full grain leather material of this model does not just sit pretty, has been hard-wrapped to protect that precious smartphone. The case has been designed to perfectly fit, giving enough space and access to openings for the speakers, charger, earphones and camera openings. The smooth and polished material belies its simple nature.

The Sena® Ultra Thin Snap-On Case is available for the iPhone® 5 in Red/Black (TFD07103AP-50), Brown/Silver (TFD07106AP-50), Orange/Silver (TFD07108AP-50), White/Silver (TFD07112AP-50) and retails at RM99.


Sena® Wallet Slim Case

The Sena® Wallet Slim Case offers a minimalistic solution, with a premium feel. This option suits those whole feel that travelling light will add a sense of smooth style. With two slots available, users can keep their credit cards, ID or cash notes all together with their phone in one, convenient case. A snap closure designed into the stiff and snug nature of the case prevents any of those items from slipping out by accident. The case has also been designed to have a strong backbone. This additional strength adds to the case’s durability. The quality finish will tell others around you that you are cool and calculated with an understated, complementing case.

The Sena® Wallet Slim Case is available for the iPhone® 5 in Black (TFD012AP-50) and Croco Red (TFD01203AP-50) and retails at RM138.

Sena® Magnet Flipper Case

For iPhone® 5 users who place protection above all else, then the Sena® Magnet Flipper Case should be their choice. This model features a front flap that can be closed up magnetically. This feature provides excellent protection against scratches and front facing falls. For further assurance, this particular model comes with a metal clip that that helps to limit the damage from any accidental drops. However, just like all the other cases in the Sena collection, it offers all this in a sleek package that would feel right at home in high-society gatherings.

The Sena® Magnet Flipper Case is available for the iPhone® 5 in Black (TFD011AP-50) and Croco Black (TFD01103AP-50) and retails at RM259


The Sena® Cases are available at these locations:

  • Wings (Luggage Store) – 1Utama, Publika, IOI Mall, Subang Parade, Tesco Mutiara Damansara
  • Innoteq Apex Sdn Bhd – Tel : 03-9286 5128 / 5768, Email: [email protected]
  • Servex Malaysia Sdn Bhd – Tel: 03-8024 6688


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